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Nurse Educator Specialty Track

Traditional Entry
(For students with a B.S. degree in Nursing)

Year One

Semester I
NU 930   Social Policy and the Economics of the Health Care Delivery
              System (3 credits)
NU 946   Biostatistics (3 credits)

Semester II: Summer
NU 937   Advanced Health Assessment (3 credits)*

Semester III
NU 933  Nursing, Health, and the Environment (3 credits)*
NU 925  Research for Evidence-Based Practice (3 credits)*

Year Two

Semester I
NU 938    Advanced Concepts in Physiology and Pathophysiology 
               (3 credits)*
NU 910a   Professional Role Development: Philosophical and Theoretical 
               Foundations of Nursing Education (3 credits)*

Semester II: Summer
NU 939  Advanced Concepts in Pharmacology (3 credits)*

Semester III
NU 920  Conceptual Foundations of Nursing (3 credits)*
NU 940  Curriculum and Instructional Design (3 credits)*

Year Three

Semester I
NU 951  Nursing Leadership and Administration (3 credits)*     
NU 942  Teaching & Learning in the Age of Technology (4 credits)*

Semester II: No summer course

Semester III
NU 943  Practicum in Teaching & Learning* (5 credits)

* Indicates that course is delivered in the blended-learning format.

The Nurse Educator Specialty Track is funded in park by a grant from the Greater Worcester Community Foundation.

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