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 Nursing Educator Specialty Track

RN-to-MS Fast Track Program

RN-to-MS FAST Track Program is an opportunity for the Track II RN student who intends to go directly on to the nursing graduate program at WSU after completing their baccalaureate degree at WSU. The RN completes an application for admission to the RN-to-MS Fast Track Program in the first semester of the RN-to-BS program. In the final year of the BS program, RN-to-MS students take NU 525 Research for Evidence Based Advanced Practice and NU 551 Nursing Leadership and Administration. These 500-level courses (up to six credits) will count towards both the Bachelor of Science and the Master of Science in Nursing degrees.

Only course grades of B- or above can be counted toward the Master of Science in Nursing degree. To be considered a Fast Track student and receive dual credit, the student must enroll in the MS program the semester after completing the BS degree. If enrollment is not continuous, the two 500 level courses will count only towards the BS degree.

- Clinical Course Requirements

The RN-to-MS Fast Track Program provides an opportunity for associate degree and diploma-prepared nurses to obtain the Master of Science in Nursing Degree. The RN-to-MS Fast Track Program curriculum is characterized by flexibility and recognition of the diversity of the students who enroll.

The RN-to-MS Fast Track Program allows students to work toward their Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Science in Nursing degrees in one integrated program. The Graduate Record Exam, generally required for admission to master’s degree programs, is NOT required for admission in to the RN-to-MS Fast Track Program.

Six (6) graduate credits (500 Level) taken while completing the undergraduate senior year count toward both degrees only when the RN meets the criteria for the Fast Track program, completes an application to the Graduate Nursing Program through the Graduate School, and is accepted into the RN-to-MS Fast Track Program during the first semester as a student in the RN-to-BS Program.

Students can typically complete the RN-to-MS Fast Track Program in nine part-time semesters. Only course grades of B- or above can be counted toward the Master of Science in Nursing degree.

Fast track students must take courses in the M.S. program the semester after completing the requirements for the B.S. degree. Otherwise 500 Level courses taken in the senior year will count only towards the RN-to-BS degree unless they are in excess of the credits required for the B.S. degree. 

Admission Process for RN-to-MS Fast Track Program
The RN student applying to WSU College as a transfer student can receive up to 65 credits transferable from associate degree colleges and a maximum of 90 credits from four year colleges or universities. Worcester State University has articulation agreements with many area colleges for transfer credits (up to 29 credits may be approved toward nursing transfer credits).  The RN student, who graduated from a nursing diploma program, must take the NLN NACEII exams as a prerequisite, which allows students to obtain up to 29 nursing transfer credits.

RN-to-MS Prerequisite Courses
These courses may be transferred if the student has previously taken the course (per Worcester State University transfer policy) or may be taken at WSU:

EN 101
& EN 102     

English Composition 1 & II (*EN 101 may be waived)

MA 150

Introduction to Statistics (*pre requisite for NU 430-A: Research Seminar OR NU 525: Nursing
 Research in Advanced Practice)  AnAccuplacer math test (offered at WSU) may be needed prior to registering for statistics at WSU

SO 100

Introduction to Sociology

PS 101

General Psychology

PS 210

Child Growth and Development


Survey of Life Span Development

BI 161
& 162

Anatomy & Physiology I & II

BI 204


RN-to-MS Foundational Nursing Courses

All nursing courses must be taken in sequence. Students must achieve a minimum grade of 80 in each nursing course. Only one nursing course may be repeated to obtain the minimum grade or required GPA and must be repeated within the 2 years.

Semester One:

NU 332

 Transition to Professional Nursing (3 credits)

NU 342

 Health Assessment (4 credits)

Semester Two:

 NU 430-A

Research Seminar (3 credits)

 NU 525

Research for Evidence-Based Practice (3 credits)
* RN to MS Fast Track Program

 NU 432

Advancing Nursing Perspectives in Chronic Illness (9 credits)

Semester Three:

 NU 452

Professional Nursing Leadership in Organizations

 NU 551

Nursing Leadership and Adminstration
* RN to MS Fast Track Program

 NU 472

Community Nursing Capstone Course (9 credits)

Course descriptions for all undergraduate courses may be found in the Worcester State University undergraduate catalog.

RN-to-MS Specialty Courses

Professional Core

NU 910

Professional Role Development (3 credits)*

NU 920

Conceptual Foundations of Nursing (3 credits)*

NU 525

Nursing Research for Evidence Based Practice
(3 credits)*

NU 551

Nursing Leadership and Administration (3 credits)*



Interdisciplinary Courses

NU 930

Social Policy and the Economics of the Health Care Delivery System (3 credits)

NU 936

Epidemiology (3 credits)*

NU 941

Program Planning and Evaluation (3 credits)

NU 946

Biostatistics (3 credits)



Specialty Courses in Community/Public Health Nursing

NU 961

Nursing Science I: Advanced Community/Public Health  Leadership Theory and Practicum (9 credits)*

NU 966

Nursing Science II: Advanced Community/Public Health Theory  and Practicum (9 credits)*


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