• Office of Grants & Sponsored Research

    The mission of the Office of Grants & Sponsored Research (OGSR), a department within the Division of University Advancement is to promote the goals of the University through the pursuit, acquisition, and management of external funding from governmental and independent funding agencies. The Office of Grants & Sponsored Research coordinates the grants development process for faculty and staff, provides technical assistance for those who wish to obtain grant funding, serves as a liaison with funding agencies, and provides leadership with post-award grants management.

    The grants awarded to the University help to support our diverse academic and community enrichment programs to strengthen our ability to service our students and the greater community.

    The grants that Worcester State pursues on an annual basis are directly driven by the Strategic Plan and the goals of the University. The Mapping Strategies detailed in the Strategic Plan guide the grants development process and help to focus our grant efforts on the University’s priority areas.

    The OGSR is the University’s centralized entity for coordinating the submission, processing, and reporting of all institutional grants and contracts. Even if Worcester State pursues grant funding as a partner entity or is involved in consortium planning to develop and submit a proposal for funding, many of the steps detailed in this SOP are necessary.

    All external proposals must be reviewed and submitted by the OGSR. These include proposals submitted to federal, state, and local government as well as to private foundations and organizations. Funded projects must be consistent with and adhere to relevant Worcester State University Board policies and procedures.

    Support Services

    The OGSR will assist you with the development of your project, submission of your proposal, and the completion of post-submittal tasks.

    Project/Proposal Development

    The OGSR provides the following services to project initiators:

    1. Guidance on project development.
    2. Search for funding sources.
    3. Research on background information and funding patterns of selected funding agencies.
    4. Help with proposal development, including providing sample proposals and other necessary materials, recommending a proposal outline, and advising on budget preparation.
    5. Liaison with funding agencies.
    6. Review of matching funds available to the project.
    7. Technical review of draft and final proposals.

    Proposal Submission

    The OGSR is responsible for submitting all proposals. Project initiators will be advised of the following:

    1. The date the proposal must be received by the funding agency.
    2. The number of copies required by the funding agency.
    3. Procedures for intergovernmental review of federal grant proposals.
    4. Signatures of organizational officials required by the funding agency.

    Follow Up

    The Grants Division tracks the status of submitted proposals. Services include:

    1. Negotiating the award with the funding agency in collaboration with the project initiator.
    2. Notifying, in writing, the project initiator and all appropriate administrators of the funding agency’s decision.
    3. Requesting from the funding agency copies of reviewers’ comments (in the case of declined proposals) and discussing them with the project initiator.
    4. Offering continuing support to project initiators by recommending project or proposal improvements and/or searching for additional funding sources.

    Office of Grants & Sponsored Research
    Division of University Advancement
    Shaughnessy Administration Building
    2nd Floor – Room A-231

    Dr. Nicole Scott
    Interim Director

    La’retta Castro
    Interim Associate Director