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Facilities and Administrative Cost (F & A or Indirect Costs) – Contact Grants Office, 8976


Fringe Benefits Rate      7/1/2013 - 6/30/2014           

Regular Full time benefitted employees (Salaried, Shift & Roll Call)





Part time non-benefitted employees

(Includes faculty during the summer months)




Tuition and Fee Charges



            Mileage Reimbursement 1/1/13   55.5¢ per mile


Travel Forms and Information: http://www.worcester.edu/AdministrationandFinance/Shared%20Documents/Admin%20Services/Purchasing/Purchasing.aspx


DUNS     Contact Grants Office x8976


Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN/TIN)        Contact Grants Office x8976 


MA State Assembly District      13th Worcester


MA State Senatorial District       First Worcester

            Senators:  Scott Brown, John F. Kerry


US Congressional District    3rd

            Representative:  James P. McGovern



Worcester State University
486 Chandler Avenue

Worcester, MA 01602-8167

Founded in 1874

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