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Worcester State University has many established policies in place to preserve the environment, ensure environmental compliance and protect its community members. The University will continue to focus on developing more environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of its operations.

Environmental Considerations for
Construction Projects & Contractors

Campus Pond is  living laboratory


Each year, Steven Oliver, Ph.D., and Randall Tracy, Ph.D.—both associate professors in the Biology Department—engage their students in research on the shiners, horned pout, and crayfish that live in the small campus pond affectionately known as Lake Ellie. This June, researchers expanded the scope of their studies by taking advantage of a maintenance project that happens only once every 12 years or so.

For the first time since 1998, Lake Ellie was drained and the bottom dredged, part of ongoing efforts to maintain and monitor the campus’s storm water management system. Before the dredging began, Oliver and his students waded into the pond and netted about 3,500 golden shiners, 50 horned pout, and 20 crayfish. Read more...

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