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Environmental Considerations for
Construction Projects & Contractors

EPA Stormwater Outreach Materials

EPA "After the Storm" Brochure 

If you have a spill, call the University Police
immediately at 508-929-8044

Cover dumpsters (roll-offs) nightly and during rain storms

Locate dumpsters away from storm drains (green)

Do not put chemicals (e.g. paints, waste oil, asbestos, lead acid batteries) into dumpsters

Do not dump anything, including clean-up wastes into the storm drains (green)

Put trash in proper receptacle

Maintain equipment so as to prevent leaking fluids (gas/oil/diesel storage)

Store stock piles of raw materials and construction debris away from storm drains, cover piles with tarp nightly.

Repair defective equipment immediately

Install hay bales, berms to prevent erosion

Recycle construction debris when possible

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