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Worcester State University participated in the RecycleMania contest for the first time in 2013. RecycleMania is an eight week long competition that takes place from February to March every year. Hundreds of colleges and universities compete to see who can recyle the most material by the end of March. The goal of the program is to educate students and faculty about the imporatance of diverting recyclable materials out of landfills so that they can be reused. The Office of Sustainability hopes to make RecycleMania an annual event on campus.
Move Out Donation Drive
The second annual Move Out Donation Drive at WSU will take place May 2013. This year the theme is "Ditch the Dumpster." Students who are moving out of the dorms at the end of the semester will have an opportunity to donate their belongings to a WSU yard sale instead of throwing items into the trash. Items that are not sold at the yard sale will be donated to charity.
Sustainability Fair
Each fall the Career Services Office hosts a Sustainability Fair in the Student Center. Information is provided on opportunities for work, advocacy, volunteer/interning for green and sustainable industries. Organizations are also there to provide information for consumers looking for energy and/or recycyling advice, or for fair trade/sustainable industry guidance. 
National Climate Teach-In
Each year Worcester State joins hundreds of colleges and universities nationwide for the National Climate Teach-In on Global Warming Solutions. The event gives faculty, staff and students the opportunity, through a variety of events on campus and in the classroom, to engage in critical dialogue about climate changes.
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