• History

    The purpose of the discipline is to provide students with extensive course offerings to enable them to cope with a complex and ever-shrinking world. The study of history and political science also provides students with a broad background for a wide variety of professional occupational opportunities. Within the history major are concentrations in public history and foreign service. The discipline also offers a minor in pre-law, a minor in Middle East studies, and an honors seminar course taken at the American Antiquarian Society. Phi Alpha Theta, the national history honor society, is open to distinguished history majors.

    Requirements for a Major in History
    42 credits including:

    • HI 103, HI 104, and HI 105 World Civilization I, II, and III
    • HI 111 and HI 112 US History I and II
    • US History electives: 6 credits
    • European History electives: 6 credits
    • Area Studies electives: 6 credits
    • One other elective in history, which can be from the “general” category (any history offerings excluding required survey courses HI 103, 104, 105, 111 and 112): 3 credits
    • Two electives must be at the 300- or 400-level, excluding required HI 411
    • All electives must be at the 200-level or higher
    • Course in historical methods; to be taken during sophomore or junior year: 3 credits
    • HI 411 The Historian’s Craft (Prerequisites: HI 103, 104, 111, and 112) or HI 440 Internship (with departmental approval)
    • For majors entering in curriculum year 2010 and later: Senior capstone experience, usually taken during fall of senior year: 3 credits
    • HI 460 Senior Research Seminar in History or HI 470 Senior Thesis in History

    *Exception for double majors in early childhood education or elementary education: Only 36 history credits are required; a student may opt to omit the "one other" elective and the capstone course. If not taking the capstone course, the senior capstone requirement must be fulfilled by submission of a non-credit History Learning Portfolio before or during the student-teaching semester. See the department for Portfolio forms and submission guidelines.

    Requirements for a Minor in History
    24 credits

    • HI 103, HI 104, and HI 105 World Civilization I and II and III
    • HI 111 and HI 112 US History I and II
    • HI 411 The Historian’s Craft
    • History electives: 6 credits taken at 200-level or higher

    Requirements for a Minor in Middle East Studies
    18 credits

    • HI 261 Middle East History I
    • HI 314 Twentieth Century Middle East History
    • AB 101 Arabic I
    • AB 102 Arabic II
    • 6 credits recommended by advisor

    Requirements for a Major in History, Concentration in Public History
    Juniors and seniors have the opportunity for independent study and off-campus internships. Students may receive academic credit for internships in history museums, historic restorations, historic libraries, archives, or in any one of a great variety of agencies in state, county, and local government. Internship/independent study credit may be given for internships in private sector agencies which have a public interest. Public history concentrators will be able to complete the requirements for the history major and the political science minor.

    Requirements for a Major in History, Concentration in Foreign Service
    Programs are individually planned with the student’s advisor and prepare individuals for careers in the State Department and the intelligence community. In addition to required courses, students will be encouraged to elect courses in the areas of economics, languages, management, geography, and related fields.

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