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The study of history presents challenges and fulfills important functions. It allows students to gain perspective on their own heritage, that is, to place cultural, scientific, and technological development within the context of that heritage. It also allows the student the opportunity to examine the heritage of other peoples, as well as the impact of other peoples' development upon their own heritage. The study of history offers, as well, a rigorous methodology which enhances the development of the ability to research, absorb, digest, and analyze evidence and to communicate what is learned in a cogent and concise manner.

To meet these challenges and facilitate these functions, the history curriculum provides a selection of courses whose purposes are to enrich all students. At the same time, it allows the student pursuing a history major to acquire specialized knowledge and intellectual skills in order to fulfill important career functions in professions such as teaching, the law, library and archival work, museum work, journalism, government, and business.

The rationale of our diversified history curriculum, therefore, is to prepare the college student to meet the challenges presented by contemporary society. Students are encouraged to take courses in political, economic, social, and intellectual history in order to achieve as diversified a background as possible.  The structure of the department's programs reflect this objective.

We are pleased to announce the introduction of a new M.A. degree in History, coordinated by Charlotte Haller. We offer two tracks within the degree, one offering breadth of training and culminating in comprehensive exams, and a second allowing for more in-depth study in a particular geographic area and concluding with a one-semester thesis course.

Our department members are actively involved in continuing scholarship including research, writing, attending scholarly conferences, presenting papers, and chairing discussion groups. Emmett Shea (Professor Emeritus) presented a paper on the Failure of Intelligence in the 9/11 Attack at Cambridge University. Najib Saliba was interviewed by Noursat, a Beirut TV station, on emigration from Lebanon. We are also pleased that Aldo Guevara has been named as coordinator of the Center for the Study of Human Rights and the History Department is happy to support his leadership in this center.

In addition, history faculty members continue to serve in positions of leadership in professional organizations. Bruce Cohen is treasurer and Peter Holloran is secretary and of the New England Historical Association. Through the leadership of Charlotte Haller, Worcester State University continues to play an important role in several Teaching American History grants through the U.S. Department of Education.

We offer a full minor in Political Science that encompasses the study of both American and comparative politics. The Political Science Minor provides students a behavioral perspective on political systems, utilizing a multi-faceted social science approach. The Political Science Minor complements the Major in History, in that it offers students an understanding of how the behavioral and social science of politics is related to historical study and research. Furthermore, by offering dual-numbered courses in Constitutional Studies, the department demonstrates a commitment to strong scholarship in History, Political Science, and Law.

Chair of the Department, Frank Minasian


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