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Charlotte Haller

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Office: Sullivan 327G
Phone: 508-929-8046
Email: challer1@worcester.edu


PhD, U.S. Women's History/ American History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
MA, U.S. Women's History/ American History, University of Wisconsin-Madison
BA, American Civilization, Brown University

Areas of Specialization

As a sophomore at Brown University, a women’s history course with Mari Jo Buhle opened up my eyes to the possibilities of history from the bottom up and the challenges of uncovering the lives of not-so-famous Americans. This interest has stuck with me through the years. I have a particular interest in women’s history and African American history, and centered my training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in both of those fields. One of the joys of history for me is the way that primary sources can take us in unexpected directions. I am at work on a book on the lives of free blacks in North Carolina during the era of the American Revolution. As I sought to uncover the complicated relationships between liberty and slavery, I found that churches, especially the Methodists, could not be ignored as they played important roles in creating spaces for material and spiritual freedom. In the summer of 1995, I was a member of the Pew Program in Religion and American History through Yale University. Delving further in the archives, legal records came to take center stage and I became a legal historian in the process, participating in the Willard J. Hurst Summer Institute in Legal History at the University of Wisconsin in 2003. As both a teacher and scholar, I hope to inspire others to look at the past in new ways and to take pleasure in the unexpected twists and turns of history.

As the Coordinator of the M.A. in History program here at Worcester State, I have become increasingly interested in how K-12 teachers can bring American history to life in their classrooms. I have worked with the Teaching American History grant program (through the U.S. Department of Education) for Worcester-area schools to develop professional development programs for teachers that are grounded in history content.

I am also the Co-Coordinator of the First Year Experience here at Worcester State University.  I help recruit, train, and support faculty to teach First Year Seminar courses (which are required of all incoming first year students and are on varied academic topics); develop learning communities between the First Year Seminar and other first year courses such as English Composition; and run our peer mentor program.


Taking Liberties: Households, Race, and Black Freedom in Revolutionary North Carolina. Book manuscript in progress.

Women and the Civil War: A Primary Source Reader. Book manuscript in progress.

“’And Made Us to be a Kingdom’: Race, Antislavery, and Black Evangelicals in North Carolina’s Early Republic,” North Carolina Historical Review 80 (April 2003): 125-152.

Review of Gavin James Campbell, Music and the Making of the New South. Journal of Popular Culture 39 (February 2006): 165-67

Review of Jon F. Sensbach, A Separate Canaan: The Making of an Afro-Moravian World in North Carolina, 1763-1840. H-Shear, November 1998.

Professor Haller's CV here [pdf].


HI 111, US History I
First Year Seminar: Sex on Trial: Gender and the Law in American Society
HI 271 Women and Work in Historical Perspective
HI 274 Sex, Marriage and the Family in Historical Perspective
HI 303 Colonial American History
HI 366/990 American Revolutionary Period
HI 450/990 History of the American South, 1600-1900
HI 450/990 American Women’s History

Graduate-Only Courses
HI 910 The Study and Writing of History
History 990 American History at the Movies

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