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Faculty and Staff


Joseph P. Baratta
Office: Sullivan 327-K
Phone: 508-929-8632
Email: jbaratta@worcester.edu

Erika Briesacher
Office: Sullivan 327-B
Phone: 508-929-8692
Email: ebriesacher@worcester.edu

Bruce Cohen
Office: Sullivan 327-C
Phone: 508-929-8602
Email: bcohen@worcester.edu

Martin Fromm
Office: Sullivan 327-I
Phone: 508-929-8162
Email: mfromm@worcester.edu

Michael Gesin
Office: Sullivan 327-L
Phone: 508-929-8693
Email: mgesin@worcester.edu

Aldo V. Garcia Guevara
Office: Sullivan 327-H
Phone: 508-929-8632
Email: aguevara@worcester.edu

Charlotte Haller
Office: Sullivan 327-G
Phone: 508-929-8046
Email: challer1@worcester.edu

Tona Hangen
Office: Sullivan 372-D
Phone: 508-929-8688
Email: thangen@worcester.edu

Peter Holloran
Office: Sullivan 327-E
Phone: 508-929-8806
Email: pholloran@worcester.edu

Tanya Mears
Office: Sullivan 327-A
Phone: 508-929-8994
Email: tmears@worcester.edu

Frank S. Minasian, Department Chairman
Office: Sullivan 327-N
Phone: 508-929-8694
Email: fminasian@worcester.edu

Najib E. Saliba
Office: Sullivan 327-J
Phone: 508-929-8689
Email: nsaliba@worcester.edu

Robert W. Smith
Office: Sullivan 327-M
Phone: 508-929-8631
Email: rsmith1@worcester.edu

David Twiss
Office: Sullivan 327-F
Phone: 508-929-8579
Email: dtwiss@worcester.edu

Emeritus Faculty

Emmett Shea

Clement S. Delaney

A. Gibbs Mitchell


Departmental Secretary Ms. Cindy Donahue
Office: Sullivan 327
Phone: 508-929-8162
Email: cdonahue@worcester.edu

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  Department Brochure (PDF)
  Center for the Study of Human Rights at Worcester State
  The American Historical Association
  The Organization of American Historians
  The New England Historical Association
  American Political Science Association
  Center for History and New Media

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