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History Major and Minor

In a world transformed by powerful tides of globalization, history provides an intellectual toolkit for dealing with complex international realities. The study of history and political science lies at the heart of a well-rounded college education: furthering your research and analytical skills, problem-solving capabilities, and writing ability, all of which will help you in today’s complex world and job market. Many of our majors go on to teach History or Social Studies, or to continue their studies in graduate school. History also provides a solid foundation for public history or museum work, law, business, government, and the nonprofit sector; indeed, anywhere that critical thinking, analytical skills and clear writing are valued.

History majors and minors develop the following core skills by the time they complete the program.

1) Students will recall and explain historical events and facts of significance to their coursework, being able to set them in chronological order. Students will have a working sense of how history unfolded.

2) Students will set historical facts/events in broader context. They will have the “flavor of an era” and be able to connect facts together. Students will experience history as a flow, not as separate discrete “bits” of information.

3) Students will identify primary and secondary sources, and understand the scholarly uses of each. Students can analyze a given source using appropriate questions, methods and techniques. Students will gain information literacy with respect to both printed and online sources of historical information.

4) Students will frame questions for historical research and conduct a program of research inquiry, demonstrating strong and independent research skills.

5) Students will create original works of historical scholarship.

6) Students will reflect on their own learning process and become self-reliant and independent learners.

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