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Pre-Law Minor


The Pre-Law minor is designed to prepare you for graduate study in law, with a solid foundation in constitutional history, American government, historical and legal research. Students should consult with their academic advisor and with the Pre-Law advisor, Dr. Bob Smith, to make sure they have a well-rounded program of studies in the minor.


Requirements: Take PO 101 "Constitutions: US and Massachusetts" (3 credits) and PO 103 "Fundamentals of Legal Research" (1 credit)

Take 6 credits from this list (i.e. 2 of these 3 courses)

HI/PO 218 US Constitutional History I

HI/PO 219 US Constitutional History II

HI 241 English Constitutional History

Take 9 elective credits from the current list of pre-approved courses, or substitute courses with advisor's permission.

3-credit Minor capstone course: Take one Seminar in Constitutional History HI 420, HI 421, HI 422 or HI 400 Independent Study

The student learning outcomes of the Pre-Law Minor are:

1) Students will understand the development of American constitutional government, including English antecedents and current controversies

2) Students will conduct research in and evaluate primary and secondary sources

3) Students will communicate effectively in written and oral form

4) Students will frame and defend arguments on disputed matters

5) Students will develop the skills necessary for success in law school and beyond, including reasoning, logic, and critical thinking

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