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Political Science Minor

The Minor in Political Science provides a foundation for the study of political systems and governance in the United States and around the world. The minor is a good option for students considering careers in public service, government, the non-profit sector, business, and law.

Requirements: Take PO 101, "Principles of Political Science," and 5 additional 3-credit courses designated with "PO" for a total of 18 credits.

Political Science minors develop the following core skills by the time they complete the program.

1) Students will identify and explain the structure and function of government, both as an abstract concept and in specific historical and national contexts.

2) Students will differentiate among and apply key concepts in the field of political science, such as power, sovereignty and legitimacy.

3) Students will compare political systems, constitutions, national interests, and ideas of international responsibilities as elements of global politics.

4) Students will apply political theory in their examination of political systems.

5) Students will select and apply appropriate methodologies (such as from economics, anthropology, psychology, organizational behavior, and history) to evaluate different political systems and theories.

6) Students will determine the relevance of political participation to political outcomes; they will connect their political science learning to their own political identity.

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