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Linear Trends  

The Linear Trend books are produced by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education (DHE).  They are a compilation of data submitted by the public higher education institutions to the Higher Education Information Research System during the year. The data are submitted for each of the performance measurement indicators. The data in the Linear Trend books create the foundation upon which the Performance Measurement Report is issued each year.

SU_Linear_Trends_Final_4-9-14.pdfState University Linear Trends 2013 
State_University_Linear_Trends_2012.pdfState University Linear Trends 2012 
State University Linear Trends 2011.pdfState University Linear Trends 2011 
State University Linear Trends 2010.pdfState University Linear Trends 2010 
State College Linear Trends 2009.pdfState College Linear Trends 2009 
State College Linear Trends 2008.pdfState College Linear Trends 2008 
State College Linear Trends 2007.pdfState College Linear Trends 2007 
State College Linear Trends 2006.pdfState College Linear Trends 2006 
State College Linear Trends 2005.pdfState College Linear Trends 2005 
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