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 Survey Methodology for the VSA's College Portrait


Worcester State University Survey of Graduates

Class of 2010

Purpose of Survey

The purpose of this survey was to provide Career Services with information regarding the Class of 2010.  Career Services was interested in what the students were doing after graduation.  For example, they wanted to know if they found employment, if they were attending graduate school, or other activities post-graduation.


A survey was created and sent to full-time undergraduates (n=654) in the graduating class of 2010.  Part-time undergraduates were not included in this sample.


Of the total number of students surveyed, 182 responded.  Of the 182 respondents, 148 reported that they were employed.  Fifty-five responded that they were attending graduate school.  There were 86 respondents that indicated that they were pursing other activities such as internships/practical training/student teaching.  

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