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David Fields

David Fields is a student who grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts.  He is currently living in Boston after a few years of travelling the West Coast, the Hawaiian Islands, and offering help and support to his domestic partner through her completion of law school in Vermont.  David is an Urban Studies major at Worcester State College which ties in well with his background in Anthropology. 

After working in a farming community in rural New England David became interested in the hunger issue. Knowing where your food comes from is very important to David, as well as knowing the nutritional value of the food that is offered through programs such as food stamp outreach.  He believes that everyone should have the right to an affordable and nutritious diet. 

David became involved with the Commonwealth Corps because he feels that it offers a great chance to help people as well as an opportunity to gain a lot of hands-on experience and hope that it will help him on his way to a future MPA.

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