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Gladys Wood

          Widowed at the rather young age of 50, with all her five children on their own except the youngest, Gladys  concentrated on her career working as the coordinator of the office of the Worcester Area Cooperating Libraries. She retired in 2002 after 23 years there to take care of elderly relatives. To keep her mind active and engaged she Gladysenrolled as a “senior citizen” student at Worcester State College with an interest in working toward a certificate in the Colleges of Worcester Consortium Gerontology Program.

Having grown up in a family of nine children, attending college was not an option for her, although she loved school and would have liked to further her education. The opportunity to go to Worcester State College fulfilled her dream. Her classroom experience with a service learning requirement got her into food stamp outreach with elders which she continued in her internship. As a result of that experience, she was hired by Saint Paul’s Elder Outreach where she is now working part time.

Commonwealth Corps was a good fit for her and she eagerly pursued being a part of it, a decision she is so glad that she made. She spends much of her time now between Saint Pauls and the Commonwealth Corps and has two more courses to complete for her certificate in Gerontology.

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