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Laken Euzibio


Laken Euzibio, a sophomore who grew up in Webster, Mass., is currently an Urban Studies major at Worcester State College. Since the time she was 15, Laken has been working in a nursing home. Through her job she has gained a great deal of skill working with elderly people, which has played a significant role in her career goals. Through Lakenher work in the nursing home, Laken learned how much she loves helping people so she now aspires to become either a social worker or to work in social policy following her graduation.


After taking the Urban Studies course, Human Needs and Social Policy, she became really interested in the hunger issue. She became involved with the Commonwealth Corps because she feels that the food stamp outreach is a great chance to help people as well as an opportunity to gain a lot of hands-on experience. Her role in the Commonwealth Corps is follow-up coordinator.  She recently attended the Food Research Action Center conference in Washington, D.C. and personally met with the Hunger Fellows. This service opportunity is opening up new career avenues for Laken and she finds this a truly rewarding learning experience.

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