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Mary Jane

I am a senior student at Worcester State College majoring in Psychology and Spanish, with a concentration in Gerontology through the Worcester Mary JaneConsortium. I am parenting three teenage children and caring for my 85 year old father with dementia.

Hunger, and trying to alleviate its effects, has been a part of my volunteer work for some years before my involvement with Commonwealth Corps. I lived and worked with the homeless in Boston’s South End in the 80’s and then was the volunteer coordinator for Meals on Wheels in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania in the 90’s. Assisting elders in filling out a food stamp application seemed a normal progression in my work with hunger. The population is aging and, especially, older women will need financial help in these difficult economic times. I also have a nursing background too, that informs my caring and listening with the elders with whom I come into contact.

I am grateful for the opportunity to assist elders in Worcester and help them better meet their basic needs. I am on my way to old-agehood and can see myself reflected in the older women we serve. Their present is our future.

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