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30 Years and Counting  …..

As Worcester State University celebrates 30 years as an age-integrated campus, the IUI is building on its success by developing an Intergenerational Community Fellows Program (ICFP) to channel the talents of high school and college students working in concert with baby boomers and elders to address community issues. ICFP develops cross-age leadership through intergenerational courses, trainings, public forums and service opportunities. By developing educated and informed citizens of all ages who can play viable roles in solving community problems, the ICFP creates an ethic of lifelong civic engagement.             

Helping to make Massachusetts hunger free is a top prority for IUI. The Commonwealth Corps members, ages 18-85, work together on the Ending Hunger Together program. This program, which has been funded by the Commonwealth Corps, includes food stamp outreach to elders in the community, the development of model hunger programs which can be replicated throughout the educational community and the design of a web-based hunger information network. This interactive hunger website will provide information, tools and the opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas among educators throughout the state. 

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