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Pat Baker Special Recognition Award Information

Pat Baker, Senior Policy Advocate for the Massachusetts Law Reform Institute (MLRI) has worked at MLRIsince 1983.  She specializes in statewide and national advocacy on a range of poverty law issues involving subsistence benefits, hunger, homelessness, disability and immigrants.  Ms. Baker has extensive experience in drafting and lobbying state and federal legislation, drafting and negotiating administrative agency rule making; technical assistance on impact litigation including policy negotiation at settlement and implementation stages; training for and technical assistance to low income groups, legal services advocates, community-based agencies and members of the private bar.  Ms Baker is also the author of several advocacy manuals and prose materials including: Down and Out – A Manual on Basic Rights and Benefits for the Homeless in Massachusetts.  She was also a contributing writer to the TAFDC Advocacy Guide, The Food Stamp Advocacy Guide and Little Max – Little Max – Creating Maximum Benefits for Children, Elderly, Poor and Disabled People.

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