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Thea Aschkenase
Associate Staff


Theas AwardThea describes coming to the WSC campus in 1996 as her ‘lucky day.”  Thea had been downsized from her job as a physical therapy assistant at UMass and decided to fulfill a lifelong dream and return to school.


Thea volunteered in a variety of IUI programs during her college years, helping to launch the Intergenerational Urban Institute and serving as Program Coordinator for the IUI Teen Parent Mentoring program. She also earned her Certificate in Gerontology from the Consortium Gerontology Studies Program. 


Thea is an Auschwitz survivor who has been invited to speak in schools and civic organizations throughout the state. She is helping to coordinate the Hunger Awareness program at South High School and, together with traditional WSC students, is teaching the “kNOw Hunger” curriculum. Thea graduated in May 2007, with a Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies and plans to continuing taking WSC courses in the future.

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