Accessible University Computing and Enhanced Student Services

To Purchase a WSU "Fully SUPPORTED" laptop
please select from one of the Vendor links below

MSOffice ~ If you need MSOffice [Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Access//Publisher/OneNote] be sure not to purchase this with your laptop -  to save you $$ WSU sells MSOffice Pro (Mac & Win) to Students, Faculty and Staff at a discounted price of $15.00 - [$ must be on your WSU OneCard ID in Common funds] and is available at the Laptop Repair Depot/Help Desk LRC Building Room 310 year round.

Window vs. Apple ~ Unsure whether to choose Windows vs. Mac? Please consider your program of study before purchasing your laptop. Keep in mind your Academic Program may have specific software requirements which won't run on a specific OS. 
If you have questions, please contact the UTS Help Desk, for general guidelines to consider.

 WSU Supported Dell Laptop

Save with Apple education pricing


Who Needs a Laptop?

All full-time entering undergraduate day students (both freshman and transfers) are required to have a laptop computer as a condition of enrollment in the University.  For additional information regarding this requirement, the laptop or other UTS related questions please contact University Technology Services Help Desk at 508.929.8856.


WSU's Recommended Laptop

As a member of the Worcester State community, you can take advantage of the University’s ACCESS (Accessible University Computing and Enhanced Student Services) program and purchase a new Dell or Apple laptop at a significantly discounted price which are fully supported on-campus for the entire warranty period. [Note: Only if purchased through one of the links above.]

  • Note: We sell MSOffice for MAC and Windows for $15 (WSU OneCard ID-Common Funds) at the Laptop Repair Depot, and Computrace (LoJack for laptops) is available from Absolute Software.

Generally the cost of the laptop is factored into first year awards (freshman/transfer).  Please contact Financial Aid directly 508.929.8056 for additional information. Warranty hardware and software support is available via the WSU Helpdesk or from the vendor directly.  The UTS Help Desk/Laptop Repair Depot is located on the third floor of the Learning Resource Center (LRC310).

The WSU recommended model meets stringent requirements for:  

1) Durability:  It is important that your laptops are resilient to everyday wear and tear.  This should include the casing and the internal housing for each part.  Retail models typically are not designed with this specific detail in mind.

2) Supportability:  Will course software run on your laptop?  Will you be able to get on-campus support?  Can the laptop access printing and other network resources?  WSU is an authorized on-site service provider for the units purchased through the above-links. Service is provided for supported units at no charge, regardless of the problem. This means that you don't have to call the vendor, simply bring the unit to the on-campus Laptop Repair Depot/Help Desk for all your support needs.

3) Price:  Each year, Worcester State University aggressively negotiates the best price possible for a high quality laptop.   While you will find  'less expensive' laptops in retail stores, they may not meet our recommendations for durability, supportability and value.  Additionally, these retail laptops do not include the same parts warranty or Worcester State University's.

4) Sustainability:  Just as price is important, so too is the assurance that what you are purchasing will last, whether through the typical 4-year University experience or beyond to graduate school.   We are confident that the units we have made available meet or exceed these objectives. 

About Operating Systems

  • Worcester State University supports Microsoft'sWin7 Business and Ultimate.   Please note that Win7 Bus/Ult, XP Professional or Vista Business/Professional/Ultimate are the only operating systems that will be able to access some University specific network resources.  'Home' edition operating systems are not recommended for security reasons, Apple/Mac OS is supported at the Laptop Repair Depot and limited support is available for Linux OS.  You can purchase Windows OS software from the WSU Laptop Repair depot to upgrade from Home Editions for under $30 (OneCard-Common Funds).  Unsure whether to choose Windows vs. Mac? Please consider your program of study before purchasing your laptop. Keep in mind your Academic Program may have specific software requirements which won't run on a specific OS.  If you have questions, please contact the UTS Help Desk, for general guidelines to consider.

Ordering, Payment, and Finance Options

In order to avoid ordering errors, you strongly are encouraged to order online!  Each vendor offers a variety of payment options: credit card, check, and financing.  Students/Faculty/Staff personal purchases, use the above vendor links to purchase (online purchasing is strongly recommended!)

Options to Consider

  • Warranty and Damage Protection
    Be sure to purchase the warranty for highest number of years available, so that you are covered for support, parts etc. for as long as possible.  If available be sure to include Computrace (lojack for computers).  If not available at time of purchase contact Computrace directly, more information is available about this product at
    Highly Recommended!

  • Hard Drives
    The standard configuration should meet the needs of most users.  If you anticipate downloading and/or storing many large files, then a bigger hard drive may be appropriate. 
    Keep in mind you should always backup important files to another, alternate location.

  • External Hard Drive
    Keep in mind you should
    always backup files to another, alternate location. Additionally depending on your major/minor you may have requirements that depend on an external hard drive.  External hard drives are available for purchase from many vendors utilizing your laptop's USB2.0 and/or Firewire portsHighly Recommended!

  • Surge Protector
    A surge protector will protect your notebook against power-spikes while plugged into a wall outlet, which could harm the computer. 
    Highly Recommended!

  • Memory
    Up to a certain point, additional memory will not yield greater speed.  The amount of RAM offered on the select models should be adequate for users.  Note:  Adding additional memory can decrease the amount of time that you can operate your laptop on battery.


  • RJ45 Network Cable
    A RJ45 network cable can be used to physically connect your laptop to the WSU network.  While your laptop will be able to connect to the campus network using wireless technology, many users prefer the higher connection speed offered by wired connection.  Residence Hall students in particular should have a RJ45 network cable to enjoy the highest network performance possible (available in the bookstore).

  • Backpack/Case
    It is important to protect your laptop investment, there are many, laptop specific (cushioned), backpack options available to fit your individual needs and preferences. 

  • Battery Life
    Generally, battery charges last several hours, you will want to include this in your review when making a laptop purchase.  {Note:  all batteries come with only a ONE (1) year warranty (from date of purchase)  thus you may want to delay purchasing a 2nd one right away.}

  • Printer
    While you can print to any of the centrally located student printers on campus, many students find that an inexpensive printer offers greater flexibility for printing off campus or after hours.  NOTE: When ordering a printer, make sure that you also order a printer cable -
    wireless printing can be problematic and is not recommended!
    Please note that like many Universities, Worcester State offers fee-based printing. Black and white is $0.10/page and color is $1.00/page - students receive $20.00 printing credit per academic year on their WSU OneCard ID.

  • SafeKeeping
    Keep in mind that habits like leaving your dorm room unlocked/open, and storing your laptop in a high-visibility location are cautioned.