WSU Technology Purchase Requests:

As a reminder-per WSU Policy: All computer related purchases must be processed using the “Technology Budget Item Request Form” prior to a REQ/PO being cut. This means that if you are considering any purchase of software or hardware, this includes anything that could or will connect to a computer or the network, (WSU and/or Grant funding) - please click on the link to access the form.  The process is fast, saves the University money, ensures your purchase is supported and is easy to use. Click here to access the Form. [If asked to log in use wsc_domain\username + current WSU password.]

-          Please complete the “Technology Budget Item Request/Approval Form” form and Save/Submit;

-          Your request will be reviewed to ensure it can be supported, funded, meets compatibility and security requirements;

-          You will be contacted if additional information is needed;

-          An email will be sent back to you along with a quote as needed; 

-          Please include the email with quote to Procurement so that the Req/PO can be created.  Note: Check Req reimbursements are not available for these types of purchases as they require pre-authorization.

Thank you!