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 Office of Institutional Assessment and Planning

The Office of Institutional Assessment and Planning is committed to establishing a culture of assessment that is sustainable and systematic.

Our mission is to provide university-wide support for the continuous improvement of student learning through assessment. We will generate, maintain, communicate and disseminate institutional information to support assessment and general awareness of student learning. We provide assistance for faculty/ staff with any assessment initiatives, including new survey construction/ updating surveys, rubric development, assessment strategies, and opportunities for professional development.


              Assessment is concerned with group-level analysis rather
            than individual-level analysis. Therefore, assessment data will
            not be used for individual faculty, staff, or student evaluation,
            but rather the evaluation of educational programs and services
              Assessment strategies will be integrated into the curriculum
            and will be integral to the learning processes of WSU students
              Assessment procedures will follow a best-practices approach
              Assessment results will be used by faculty, staff and
            administration to improve courses, curricula, and/or services
            that impact student learning and development
              Assessment is a continuous process of planning, acting,
            evaluating, and applying

              Develop a culture of assessment on campus
              Increase the level of practice of assessment
              Involve faculty and staff in assessment activities

Academic Freedom and Educational Responsibility

There is, however, an additional dimension of academic freedom ... that has to do with the responsibilities of faculty members for educational programs. Faculty are responsible for establishing goals for student learning, for designing and implementing programs of general education and specialized study that intentionally cultivate the intended learning, and for assessing students' achievement. In these matters, faculty must work collaboratively with their colleagues in their departments, schools, and institutions as well as with relevant administrators. Academic freedom is necessary not just so faculty members can conduct their individual research and teach their own courses, but so they can enable student - through whole college programs of study - to acquire the learning they need to contribute to society (Association of American Colleges and Universities, 2006).

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