Intensive ESL Program

  • Intensive ESL Medical Requirements 

    Health and Immunization Form
    Before you come to the United States, you must scan and email a completed Worcester State University Health and Immunization Form to You and a doctor in your native country must complete the Worcester State University Health and Immunization Form, which is available for download below:
    PDF icon Health and Immunization Form 

    Student completes
    Part I: General Information
    Part II: Medical History 
    Doctor Completes
    Part III: Physical Examination (signed and dated)
    Part IV: Immunization Records (A-D)
    Part V: Tuberculosis Risk Questionnaire

    Health Insurance
    As a full-time student on a visa, you must have medical insurance for the entire time you are in the United States. Your insurance coverage must start the first day you begin classes. You will not be allowed to register for classes until you show proof of insurance. You also must be covered during breaks in semesters. Students must show their health insurance card each semester when they register.

    You can purchase a good plan online from the Compass Benefits Group. Please do this before you arrive and email your confirmation to Here are the directions to purchase:

    1. Go to
    2. In the upper right-hand corner, click on “Get a Quote”:
      • Click on the dropdown arrow for state and choose Massachusetts
      •  Click on the dropdown arrow for “School/University” and choose Worcester State University
      • Select Academic Year
      • Select your last day of coverage (You must have health insurance for the entire time you are studying in the United States including breaks.)
      • Enter your Date of Birth
    3. Click on “Proceed to Product”
    4. “Select Plan” (You can find this under the plan you choose.) and then click on “Proceed to Enrollment”
    5. Complete the information on the page “Student Contact Information"
    6. Click on “Proceed to Share Information”
    7. Check one box for “I agree” or “I decline”
    8. Click on “Proceed to Enrollment”
    9. Complete your payment information
    10. Click on “Pay Now”
    11. Forward the confirmation to

    WSU Health Services

    All full-time students on a visa can use Worcester State University’s Health Services, which is located on the 1st floor of the Sheehan Hall residence hall. There is a $55 fee for health services that all full-time students pay each fall and spring semester. You will pay this fee when you pay your tuition in the IELI office.