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For Faculty
LASC Academic and Transfer Policies
Updated policies regarding LASC can be found in the following documents: LASC Academic Policies (PDF) and Transfer Policy (PDF).
Advising for LASC 
There are two resources available to aid in advising students for LASC: the Advising Handbook and the LASC tic sheet.
For students who entered in 2009-10, 2010-11, or 2011-12:
For students who enter in Fall 2012 or after:
Submitting courses For LASC 
First-Year Experience Program
LASC-related Articles of Interest 
LASC Advisory Board

Adobe Acrobat Information

If you need Adobe Acrobat (full version) please visit http://it.worcester.edu > Networks > follow instructions listed under "Setting up VPN access" (needed ONLY if off-campus) and "Terminal Services Logon Instructions" (required on and off-campus; this is where you will access Adobe).  Adobe Acrobat (full version) is available to all users on the Terminal Server and is required to edit many/all of the forms. 

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