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Designing a First-Year Seminar


As you design your first year seminar keep in mind that the course will be taught in a seminar format.  Topics are at the discretion of the instructor, however should be ones that first-year students are more likely to be engaged in.


First-year seminars must meet a minimum of four of the LASC Program Outcomes.


First-year seminars are required to address the following LASC Program Outcomes:

    1. Demonstrate effective oral and written communication
    2. Apply skills in critical thinking
    3. Apply skills in information literacy
    4. Make connections across disciplines and courses

First-year seminars may address a minimum of ONE additional LASC Program Outcomes:

    1. Understand and employ quantitative and qualitative reasoning.
    2. Display an appreciation for the interrelations among global and cross-cultural communities.
    3. Develop a critical understanding of the U.S. experience.
    4. Understand the roles of science and technology in our modern world.
    5. Demonstrate and value personal creative expression
    6. Understand how scholars in various disciplines approach and construct knowledge
    7. Display socially responsible behavior and act as socially responsible agents in the world.
    8. Develop as healthy individuals – physically, emotionally, socially, ethically, and intellectually.

For an overview of the FYE Program Goals and FYS Student Learning Outcomes, please reference the FYE Program Goals & FYS Learning Outcomes document and/or the FYE Progam Goals & FYS Learning Outcomes - LASC alignment document.



First-Year Seminar syllabi will be expected to conform to the FYS syllabus of record. 

Approval Process for First Year Seminars
First year seminars folllow a slightly different process. There are two additional forms needed:  an intent form to inform the FYE Program Coordinator of your intent to offer a FYS in the coming semester semester, and a FYS course proposal form, both should be submitted to the FYE Program Coordinator before continuing with the Governance process. There is a place on the intent form for you to indicate your preferred teaching times and the number of sections you plan to offer. Knowing in advance your preferred teaching times increases the probability of being able to accommodate your schedule. In addition, there is a place for your Department Chair to sign. The signature of your department chair is required to ensure your department is aware of your intent to teach in the program and has ample time to make arrangements to cover your reduced department course load.  
The FYS course proposal form will require that you indicate the course outcomes, assignments, and assessments tools/methods for each of the overarching student learning outcomes. This form will be submitted to the LASC Advisory Board for review by the FYE working group.  The FYE working group including members of the UCC will review your FYS proposal. For guidance on governance submission, check with the FYE Program Coordinator.
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