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Circulation Policies

The Circulation Department is part of Access Services. All Worcester State University students, faculty (full-time and adjunct), administrators and staff members may charge out library materials with a valid WSU OneCard ID. You must present your ID card to check out any item. Your students may borrow material only during the semester for which they are registered for courses. Students can check books out for 28 days, with one 2-week renewal available. Faculty can check books out for the entire semester.

Do not loan your card. You are responsible for all materials that are charged on your card. If you lose your card, notify the One Card Office in order to avoid unauthorized use of the card.


A fine of 10 ¢ per book is charged for each day that the book is overdue. Fines are not calculated for days when the Library is closed, and fines do not exceed the cost of the book. Patrons are liable for the replacement cost for lost materials plus a $10 nonrefundable processing fee. If the material is returned within six months of the payment, a refund for the replacement cost (minus the processing charge and fines calculated from date due to the date returned) can be made.

Note: Students having overdue materials or fines will have their borrowing privileges suspended two weeks after the fine notice. It is University policy that students (including former students) owing money to the Library will not be permitted to register for classes or to be issued a transcript. Accounts must be paid in full before we can clear you with the Registrar.


Any Library user may request an item already checked out to be held for them upon its return. You will be notified when the material has been returned and it will be held for you for one week. You may also place a hold through the online catalog for any items that are charged out - the system will not allow a hold to be placed on an item whose status reads "not charged." 

     If you cannot find a book on the shelf and the status in the catalog is listed as "not charged," please see a staff member at the Circulation Desk. The staff member can run a trace on the book to try and find it within the library. If we cannot locate the book for you, you may place a request for it through the Interlibrary Loan Service, also located at the Circulation Desk.

Reserve Materials:

Faculty often place additional required materials on reserve at the Circulation Desk. Loan periods are determined by the professor and items can circulate either for 24 hours, 3 days, or be restricted to use only within the Library for a 2-hour period. Fines for overdue reserves are 50 ¢ per hour or fraction thereof that the Library is open, including those only used within the Library. There is no limit on fines for reserve materials. Reserve materials cannot be renewed, and items must be left at the Circulation Desk for a 24-hour period before the same person can check them out again. A separate policy for reserve items is available.


Non-print items such as videos/DVDs and audio compact discs are housed in the IMS (Instructional Media Services) in room L-207 down the corridor from the Circulation Desk. Length of circulation periods varies depending on format. For regulations, fines, and non-print reserves, consult with the staff in the IMS. A copy of the IMS policy is also available online.


Most library material circulates for 28 days. Items can be renewed once if not being held for another borrower. Fines must be paid before items can be renewed. There is a one-time renewal of 14 days from the original due date and you can make the renewal in person with the items. Or, if you have a home computer, you can now renew material using the Web version of the catalog by clicking on the "request" button. There is an online web page that explains the simple renewal process.

Special Borrowing Cards:

There are two categories for special borrowers due to our participation in several consortia.

WILL is a walk-in interlibrary loan arrangement with other Massachusetts state academic libraries such as UMass Medical, Fitchburg State, Quinsig etc. Students need to have a valid, current college ID.

ARC - the Academic Research Collaborative - is administered by the Central Massachusetts Regional Library System. There is a separate ARC flyer in Adobe® PDF format describing the policies and procedures for borrowing material from the Worcester area academic libraries. 

Borrowers in the above categories are expected to comply with all regulations of the participating libraries. The cards are not transferable, and do not include borrowing privileges for non-print materials or the use of interlibrary loan services.

Confidentiality (WSU Library Privacy)

The Circulation Department of the Worcester State University Library recognizes and respects the privacy of its patrons, whether students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni or other borrowers. In a library setting, a user's right to privacy includes the freedom to inquire about any information without having  their records open to others. Records are maintained solely for the purpose of protecting the material in the Library's collections. Unless fines or other exceptions occur, when a borrowed item is returned to us, all records are cleared and no history is maintained, either by item or by borrower. 

Furthermore, it is Library policy that we do not give out any information about patrons or the materials they have checked out or materials consulted. Law prohibits the staff from giving out any information regarding a person's library account to ANY other person regardless of their status or identity, without a subpoena, search warrant, or court order.  

The Library at Worcester State University supports and adheres to the American Library Association's "Policy on the Confidentiality of Library Records," adopted January 20, 1971 and revised July 4,1975, and July 2, 1986.

Patriot Act (Privacy in Libraries)

  • USA PATRIOT Act and Intellectual Freedom
  • FAQs and full text of the Act with summaries and brief overviews
  • Brochure (PDF) What You Should Know About the USA PATRIOT Act


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