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ERIC - Citation and abstract information from over 750 educational journals and related documents from the Educational Resource Information Center, and report literature dating back to 1966. More than 107,000 non-journal documents (issued 1993-2004) are available full-text at no cost. We have 3 different ways to access ERIC:  
 - via EBSCO Host (familiar interface) 
 - via 
ProQuest (cross search other areas in the social sciences) 
or Free ERICthe government site

ProQuest Education JournalsSearch the leading full-text journals in education and related fields with coverage beginning in 1988. 745 top educational publications, including nearly 600 of the titles in full text.

Professional Development Collection A highly specialized collection of nearly 360 full-text journals, designed for professional educators. Information from children's health to cutting-edge pedagogical theory and practice. The more general Academic Search Complete in EBSCO is also useful for education topics and contains a good deal of full text. 

Teacher Reference Center - provides journal information for K-12 teachers and librarians. Includes over 260 titles from the most popular trade journals on key educational topics.

Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia - good for school projects

Academic One File  indexes peer-reviewed, full text articles available in HTML or PDF formats from the world's leading journals and reference sources. Also has full text New York Times content back to 1995, hundreds of podcasts and transcripts from radio and television broadcasts. 

Educator's Reference Complete  Content focuses on educational principles, child development and psychology, and best practices in education. 

Gale Databases targeted for specific age groups:  
Funded by the Massachusetts Regional Library System.

  - InfoTrac K-12 Junior Edition . Articles from a variety of sources for middle and junior high school students 
  - Info Trac Student Edition . Articles from a variety of sources for high school students on all subjects 
  - [Info Trac] Kids InfoBits . Articles from a variety of sources for K-5 level students on all subjects

MAS Ultra - School Edition  Designed specifically for high school libraries; contains full text for 500 popular, high school magazines, 360 full text references books, over 85,000 biographies, 107,000 primary source documents, and an Image Collection of over 510,000 photos, maps & flags

 Public Affairs International.  World issues with coverage of a variety of formats published in English from more than 120 countries. Obviously useful for global education issues. Although this title can be searched on its own, it is best searched through the Social Sciences Premium Collection which searches across 14 related databases with much full text.

Kraus Curriculum Development Library.  Quick and easy access to the 20th edition documents. Fully searchable utilizing ERIC descriptors and also searchable by subject, keywords, grades and geographic location.4500 curriculum documents from across the English-speaking world. [Older editions can be searched using print indexes that refer to our microfiche collection.]

 Children's Literature Review, Something About the Author - search both titles simultaneously by scrolling down to the first link under "Additional Products" and click on Literature Criticism Online, Something About the Author. Online coverage begins in mid-2009. To search earlier editions, see the print volumes of each series shelved in the Juvenile Reference section in the Library: Children's Literature Review Ref/Z1037/A1/C5; Something About the Author Juv Ref/920/So54.

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