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 Finding Full Text

 If you've searched a database and found the citation [reference] for an article which is perfect for your research project - congratulations! But what if your article is not available full text? Don't Despair - you have options.

  • Re-evaluate other articles that you found. Another article may be as good - or better. Beware of selecting articles simply because the full text is online. This is not good research practice. In fact, some non full text databases do a better job of covering a particular subject area such as PsycInfo, Medline, or Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.
  • Don't discount the usefulness of a database just because it doesn't have full-text articles. You can still obtain copies of articles you need for your research.

 WSC Library Options

  1. Sometimes a journal that is not full text in one database is available full text in another database. Check the e-Journal Finder tool to see what database has the journal title - and the year you need.
  2. WSU has a growing number of journal titles available in online format which replace our print subscription to that journal. Use the same e-Journal Finder tool to find what journals (and years) are available online. * Remember to login first to have access from off campus.
  3. Check the WSU Online Catalog to see if the Library subscribes to the print title of the journal.
  4. You can search to see if another local library has the journal - but frankly, this approach means you'll have to travel to the library.
  5. Why not let us do the searching for you? Interlibrary Loan searches library holdings - local and across the country - to find the journal title and years you need. Most articles are now sent to us online so we can send the attachment to you via your WSU e-mail account. There is an online form available for you to take advantage of this service - be sure to read the policies for cost and delivery times if this is your first time using this service.

Free Online Options

  • Directory of Open Access Journals - 4,583 scientific and scholarly journals with just over 342,000 articles
  • E-Books - free sources for finding full text of books online
  • E-Journals - providing links to the world's electronic journals
  • Find Articles in Business - white papers and research articles from thousands of trade publications and newspapers covering major industry sectors and companies
  • Free Full-Text Journals in Chemistry - alphabetical list with years available
  • Free Medical Journals - 1,481 journals - not always the latest issues as electronic availability is sometimes held by the publishers for 6 months. Also free podcasts.
  • HighWire Press - digital dissemination of 1305 journals, reference works, books, and proceedings.
  • MagPortal - covers all subjects, but strongest in science, technology and psychology
  • Open Science Directory - 13,000 scientific journals; easy identification of available issues and years
  • Publist - 150,000 magazines, journals, newsletters and other periodicals
  • Scholarly Journals on the Web - provides links to established Web-based scholarly journals that offer access to free English language articles

Purchase Options from Document Delivery Services

  • Ingenta - 4.5 million articles; browse 13,500 journals by subject or title



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