• Living On Campus

    If you choose to live in one of Worcester State University’s residence halls—Chandler Village, Dowden Hall, Sheehan Hall, and Wasylean Hall—you can get ready to set up your room by referring to the following packing list. Pay close attention to our list of items you shouldn’t bring as well. We share both lists to ensure that moving into your room goes as smoothly as possible.

  • Please note that each room is furnished with the following: bed(s), chair(s), desk(s), wardrobe(s) or built-in closet(s), and window shades. Residents in Dowden, Sheehan Hall, and Wasylean Hall also receive a 3-drawer dresser.

    You also will have access to a wi-fi connection using Worcester State University’s campus-wide wireless network.

    Check our list of frequently asked questions to help you get ready to live on campus and settle in once you’re here.

    Things to know before you arrive

    As a resident student, there are several important things you should know before you arrive. These tidbits will help you get acclimated to living in our residence halls, moving around our campus, and becoming part of our campus life.