• Master of Arts in Spanish

    Admission Requirements:
    1. General admission requirements  
    2. B.A. in Spanish or related field and/or interview with faculty member


    I. Spanish Foundation Courses
    • SP 901 Advanced Study/Research Methods 3 credits
    • SP 994 Thesis Seminar or Comprehensive Exam (*in Spanish) 3 credits
    II. Spanish Concentration Courses
    • Culture (9 Credits) One course must be in Peninsular Culture, one in Latin American Culture, one in Latino Culture.
    • Literature (15 Credits) Two courses must be in Peninsular Literature, two in Latin American Literature, and one in Latino Literature.

    III. Electives (6 credits)
    Students may take graduate elective courses in Advanced Language, Civilization, Spanish for Professionals, Translation, or an Independent Study

    Total Credits: 36