• Master of Education

    This flexible program is designed for students with a variety of educational backgrounds who wish to pursue a Master of Education without teacher licensure. The program focuses on curriculum studies and students’ professional interests through a variety of electives in content or pedagogy.

    Admissions Requirements:

    In addition to the general admission requirements for graduate study at WSU, candidates must possess the following:

    • Hold a Bachelors Degree from a regionally accredited Institution or from a recognized foreign institution of higher education;
    • Have an undergraduate GPA of 2.75 or higher.
    Program of Study:

    I. Core Requirements:
    • ED 981 Advanced Foundations of Education (3 cr)
    • ED 982 Research Methods in Education (3 cr)
    • ED 994 Thesis Seminar** (3 cr)
    II. Elective Requirements:
    •     1 Course in Educational Administration/Leadership in Curriculum (3 cr)
    •     1 Course in Curriculum Development (3 cr)
    •     1 Course in Educational Technology (3 cr)
    •     1 Course in Assessment (3 cr)
    •     1 Course in Diversity (3 cr)
    •     4 Elective Courses – either Education or content area courses (12 cr)

        Total Credits: 36

    ** Students have the option of choosing a thesis research topic in education or in a related area.

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