• New Faculty 2019-2020

    Every year Worcester State University is pleased to showcase our newest faculty members and librarians, whose in-depth knowledge of their disciplines and dedication to teaching, scholarship, and research will inspire students to transform their curiosity and passion into the knowledge and skills that can shape the future.

  • Picture of Lori Bass

    Lori Bass

    Picture of Clarissa Carvalho

    Clarissa Carvalho

    Picture of Siri Colom

    Siri Colom

    Picture of Ingrid Enniss

    Ingrid Enniss

    Picture of Denise Grant

    Denise Grant

    Picture of Augusta Ishola

    Augusta Ishola

    Picture of Brittany Jeye

    Brittany Jeye

    Picture of Shruti Nagpal

    Shruti Nagpal

    Picture of Eric Nichols

    Eric Nichols

    Picture of Lawrence Roberge

    Lawrence Roberge

    Picture of Dana Rognlie

    Dana Rognlie

    Picture of Lisa Shooman

    Lisa Shooman

    Picture of Richard Wagner

    Richard Wagner