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Students Return to New Major, Curriculum, Renovated Building




Contact: Lea Ann Erickson
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September 1, 2009

(Worcester, Mass.) -- Worcester State College is welcoming 5,120 undergraduate and graduate students--including 697 new freshmen when it begins classes Wednesday, September 2nd. They will have a new Interdisciplinary Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) Degree to consider as well as a new Liberal Arts and Science curriculum (LASC).


The Department of Higher Education voted unanimously in the spring to approve the new VPA degree which features a choice of a concentration in art, music, or theatre while exploring creative projects across the disciplines. The program requires 45 credits with required foundation courses in each discipline totaling nine credits. Additionally, core interdisciplinary courses of 18 credits are designed to ensure a basic overview of all the disciplines and to reinforce interdisciplinary thinking and creating. Students will choose a concentration of art, music, or theatre consisting of 27 credits; but to ensure the interdisciplinary emphasis of the program, students may choose 6 or more credits of their concentration electives in the alternate disciplines.


In addition, the college has unveiled its first major revisions to its core curriculum in 30 years. The revised Liberal Arts and Science Curriculum (LASC) is designed to better prepare students by providing them with knowledge of concepts and new developments in science, technology and health care, teamwork skills, effective communication and awareness of global issues.  It also gives them greater flexibility to fulfill the requirements of their major. The approach is more interdisciplinary to give students a broader experience and perspective.  President Janelle Ashley said it demonstrates the college’s “deep investment in a rich and meaningful curriculum,” and proof that the college, “does not stand still.”


Students will also have a more student-centered experience in the newly renovated 1932 Administration Building. The first floor features a mall concept allowing students the convenience of one central location for all of their college business. The renovation project was chosen as the winner from more than 2,500 nominated projects, to be selected as a Green Building of America Award-winning project and will be featured in the upcoming special Real Estate & Construction Review-Northeast Green Success Stories edition. The project was submitted by Miller Dyer Spears Inc.



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