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Administration Building Move Schedule


Due to relocation, the following offices will be closed for customer service on the dates indicated below:

• Admissions will be closed, Monday July 6th at noon
     - Opening again on Wednesday July 8th

• Academic Success Center will be closed Thursday July 2nd
     – Opening again Monday July 6th

• Bursars Office will be closed, Tuesday July 7

• DGCE will be closed, Wednesday July 1st, but can register on line
     – Opening Thursday July 2nd

• Financial Aid Office will be closed on Wed, July 1, Thurs, July 2, & 
   for the holiday on Fri, July 3. 
     – Opening on Monday, July 6, 2009 at 8:15 am in the new office,
        Admin Building, Room 150.

• Institutional Advancement will be closed, Friday July 3rd
     -  Opening again on Tuesday July 7th

• OneCard Office will be closed, Tuesday July 7


The following departments are identified with their move dates:

Wednesday, July 1st
• Academic Affairs (3rd Floor)
• President’s Office (2nd Floor)
• Division of Continuing & Graduate Education (4th Floor)
• Diversity
(3rd Floor)

Thursday, July 2nd
• Academic Success Center (1st Floor)
• International Programs (1st Floor)
• Financial Aid (1st Floor)
• Disability Services
(1st Floor)

Monday, July 6th
• Administration and Finance (3rd Floor)
• Accounting (3rd Floor)
• Procurement (3rd Floor)
• Institutional Advancement (2nd Floor)
• Alumni (2nd Floor)
• Public Relations
(2nd Floor)

Tuesday, July 7
• Payroll (3rd Floor)
• Registrar (1st Floor)
• One Card/Bursar (1st Floor)
• Admissions (2nd Floor)
• Assessment & Planning (3rd Floor)


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