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May 17, 2010 

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Colonel Marian J. McGovern Urges Grads
To Look Forward -- And Back At 2010 Commencement Address

WSC Dedicates the Helen G.
Shaughnessy Administration Building

Baseball To Play Eastern Connecticut
In New England Regional

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Beth Axelson (Admissions) has been asked to serve on a task force committee for the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

Barry DeCoster (Philosophy) has recently published an article "Lying Reconsidered: A Gendered History of Conversion Disorders and the Erosion of Patients' Agency." This piece comes in the premier issue of AJOB Neuroscience, a new sister journal to the highly respected journal in healthcare ethics the American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB). DeCoster's article looks at the construction of psychological conditions (especially hysteria and conversion disorders), and the ethical implications in how treatment of such disorders often restricted women's active participation in making medical decisions regarding their own mental health care.

Michael Sidoti (Disability Services) has been asked by the Association on Higher Education And Disability (AHEAD) to present at the 33rd Annual International Conference being held in Denver, Colorado, in July. His presentation is titled Recognizing the Connections: Disability as an Aspect of Diversity.

Karl R. Wurst (Computer Science) was named to the Advisory Board for the Computer Science Transfer program at Quinsigamond Community College.

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Nursing Students Given Message
of Hope at Pinning Ceremony

Dr. Eileen Terrill
, Director, Graduate Entry Pathway (GEP) UMASS Worcester Graduate School of Nursing, gave a message of hope at the Nurses 2010 Pinning Ceremony. Despite the down economy, she reminded the audience that the nursing shortage will peak in 2020 and job vacancies are just around the corner. "Please be mindful that there is a lot of hope and you are poised to fill these positions." Terrill was selected to deliver the keynote address.

The pinning ceremony was planned and organized by the 2010 senior nursing officers including President Linda Wambach, Vice President Christopher Cheonga, Secretary Jo Elle Ward, Treasurer Linda Caruso, Curriculum Representatives Heidi Noland and Veronica Farrell and Class Advisors Dr. Barbara Giguere and Caitlin Stover.

Instructor Caitlin Stover graduated cum laude from Boston College School of Nursing in December of 1997 and since has worked as a nurse in several different agencies including the Department of Corrections and Norwood Hospital. She joined Worcester State in 2006 as a graduate assistant and adjunct faculty member, and was appointed last year to a full time faculty position and graduated last May with a master's degree in Community Health Nursing from Worcester State College. She was awarded a gold medallion for having the highest GPA in the program.

Dr. Barbara Giguere has been a professor here at Worcester State since 1980. She received her R.N. from Worcester City Hospital School of Nursing, her Bachelor of Science from Worcester State College, her Master's from
 the University of Connecticut and her doctorate from UMass Amherst.
Dr. Giguere has RN experience in areas such as medical surgical nursing, intensive care, cardiac care, and in the emergency room. Dr. Giguere designed the WSC Nursing curriculum with the beliefs of the legendary nursing theorist, Florence Nightingale in mind.

Grad Students Honored at Hooding

Robert L. Shafner
told Worcester State College Master's Degree graduates and candidates to be proud of their degree and Worcester State College at the fourth annual ceremonial hooding ceremony, Friday, May 14. In a lively address, the retiring professor reminded the students that Worcester State College has been recognized as a Best Northeastern College by the Princeton Review for six years in a row and has been named "Best College" by Worcester Magazine five times. "When someone asks you where you got your degree," he instructed the grads, "you look them square in the eye and say proudly, 'I graduated from Worcester State College.'"

Lisa Bockweg Hughes, who graduated with a Master of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology, told her classmates that Worcester State College offered her, "The flexibility I needed," and said that it, "attracted a wonderful mix of students."

The hooding ceremony, as it is officially known, allows the college to honor each graduate student individually by ceremonially placing their hood on them. The hood symbolizes a level of expertise in a particular field. The ceremony dates back to the time of the medieval universities.

WSC To Begin Library Renovation

The creation of a wireless internet café and study lounge and modernization of the circulation desk in the library, supported by a $350,000 grant from The George I. Alden Trust, is slated to begin this month.

"The library is such an integral part of any college campus," said Worcester State College President Janelle Ashley. "This project will make the library more inviting and comfortable for our students -- and library patrons in our community."

This project is part of an extensive revitalization of the library's second floor that will begin following Commencement and end in mid-August. When completed, students will be greeted by a new circulation desk to the right of the main entrance and to the left will be the café, which will include a coffee shop run by Chartwells, two conference areas with flat-screen TVs, and numerous soft chairs and assorted café tables and chairs. "We are delighted that this new environment will provide much needed study and work space for our students working on group projects. It will be a great place to meet or to work independently with a cup of coffee," said Ashley.

A walk to the right of the new circulation desk will take visitors to a new children's library, replacing what is now the periodicals section. This aims to meet the programming needs of Early Childhood, Elementary, and Middle/Secondary Education students. The area will welcome both adults and young children, support youth reading programs, and provide space for classes or study groups.

The rest of the main floor will be filled with new library stacks and plenty of soft seating as well as study carrels and group work tables. This section is expected to gain 670 linear feet of shelving for our library collection.

While the Alden grant covers the café installation and circulation desk reconstruction, funds from the college budget and federal stimulus bill will be tapped to renovate the other areas.

Commonwealth Corps Achievements

An intergenerational group of 15 WSC students has been hard at work this year "Ending Hunger Together." This Commonwealth Corps team under the direction of Urban Studies Professor Maureen Power and her assistant Fran Langille, has been engaged in providing SNAP outreach (formerly known as Food Stamps) to elders at Senior Centers, housing sites and churches.

To entice the many eligible elders who have not taken advantage of SNAP, the Corps developed a Food Stamp bingo game, which has become quite popular. They have also provided application assistance at various locations, as well as assisting weekly at the Worcester Community Action Council.

The Corps partnered with South High's Youth Policy Council and planned dinners (generously provided by Chartwells) at South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Center and South High. The dinner at South High will be May 19, followed by SNAP Bingo for fun and prizes and application assistance.

The Corps also established a SNAP office on campus in the Urban Studies Department to help WSC students and others in the community with SNAP information and assistance. On May 26 the Corps will join other Commonwealth Corps members across the state at Fenway Park for a celebration of this year's achievements. WSC members include: David Fields, Zenaide Ribiero, Charlyn Valencia, Lauren Burgess, Paul Lewis, Amanda Diaz, Joely Frias, Tonya Vargas, Laken Euzibio and elder students Mary Kersten, Carolyn Graham, Judy Knight, Gladys Wood, Thea Aschkenase, and Helen Shuster.

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WSC Students Participate in Statewide Undergraduate Research Conference

Twenty-four Worcester State College students working with faculty sponsors from five departments participated in the 16th Annual Massachusetts Undergraduate Research Conference, held at UMass Amherst on
April 23, 2010.

The research projects were ambitious and varied, and included, among others: using ArcGIS programming to help a local organization develop self-employment for ex-felons; testing cleaning products advertised as "green"
to determine how eco-friendly they actually were; investigating conceptions
 of lust in fourteenth-century literature; identifying problems with the current UN definition of genocide; using computer modeling to explore hydrogen-bonding formations; and mapping part of the genome of Drosophila Erecta.

Students had worked one-on-one or in small groups with their faculty sponsors, partnered with local service-learning and community-based initiatives, and participated in both national and international research projects.

Oral Presentations

Maureen Carroll and Nick Charette: "Worcester Gets Greasy: Clean Energy and a Clean Start" (Stephen Healy, Geography)

Emily Dennstedt: "RhoA/ROCK signaling is essential for multiple aspects of VEGF-mediated angiogenesis? (Brad Bryan, Biology)

Hannah Gunnell: "Power and the Sin of Lust in Fourteenth Century Literature" (MaryLynn Saul, English)

Sam Kirsch: "Death By Your Hand: Personal Responsibility and the Death Penalty" (Henry Theriault, Philosophy)

Michael Murphy: "Defining Genocide: The Problem of Intent in the U.N. Genocide Definition" (Henry Theriault, Philosophy)

Poster Presentations

Katharine Masterjohn: ("Pharmacological Inhibition of Rho-kinase Signaling Enhances Cisplatin Resistance in Neuroblastoma Cells" (Brad Bryan, Biology)

Alissa Routhier, Julie Bollinger, Edwin Macharia, and Thao Ngo: "Annotation of Three Fosmids on the Drosophila Erecta 3L Chromosome Reveals Conserved Genes" (Daron Barnard, Molecular Biology)

Kweku Acquah: "Stabilization Studies of Metal-Chelating Complexes via Computational Methods" (Eihab Jaber, Chemistry)

Ada Dyrmishi: "Molecular Modeling of Catalytic Ozone Destruction by the Hydroxyl Radical" (Eihab Jaber, Chemistry)

Nicole Hanna: "Metal Chelate Molecular Modeling of N,N'-di-2-picolyl-1,3-Propanediamine Structures" (Eihab Jaber, Chemistry)

Kevin Karanja: "Hydrogen Bonding Formations via Cyanuric Acid/Melamine Complexes" (Eihab Jaber, Chemistry)

Kenneth Kirangi, Christina Lovell & Eihab Jaber: "A Computational Study on the Formation of Carbon Monoxide Polymeric Chains" (Eihab Jaber, Chemistry)

Ryan Knihtila: "Relative Stability of Trigonal Bipyramidal Phosphorous via Electronegativity Selection" (Eihab Jaber, Chemistry)

Ericca Lucht: "Confirmation Analysis of Heme in Hemoglobin via Computation Methods" (Eihab Jaber, Biochemistry)

Patricia McNamara: "Ab Initio Study of Hydrogen-bond Energies of Hydrogen (bifluoride)" (Eihab Jaber, Chemistry)

Margaret Nguyen: "Thermodynamics of the Bifurcated Hydrogen Bonding Formations of Guanine-Dimers and Ionic Effects" (Eihab Jaber, Chemistry)

Jason Welsh: "Stratospheric Ozone Destruction via Bromine Nitrate - A Molecular Modeling Study" (Eihab Jaber, Chemistry)

Stephen Glynn: "Synthesis of Greener Polymers" (Margaret Kerr, Chemistry)

Bradford Spencer: "How Environmentally Friendly are Green Cleaners?" (Meghna Dilip, Chemistry)

Keith Dusoe, who was to present a poster on "Phase Diagrams of Various Salt-Salt Aqueous Biphasic Systems" (Meghna Dilip, Chemistry), had a car accident and was unable to attend the conference. Fortunately he was not badly hurt, and was able to present his research at Worcester State's own Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity the following week.

All the presenters were well-prepared, introducing their research articulately and responding readily to questions about their methods, their results, and the implications of their work. Their degree of preparation reflected their own enthusiasm and commitment and their faculty mentoring. Graduating seniors looked ahead to summer research fellowships or internships and to graduate study. Some, like Ryan Knihtila, Ericca Lucht, and Margaret Nguyen, were participating in the conference for the second consecutive year, and many were looking forward to developing their research further next year.

Eihab Jaber of the Chemistry Department once again sponsored the largest number of student presentations, 10 in all, and with Margaret Kerr and Meghna Dilip also sponsoring presentations, Chemistry had the broadest faculty and student involvement, with a total of 14 students participating.

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Employee Recognition Event

The Retirement and Employee Service Recognition program, hosted by the Human Resources Office, is held each year in the spring. This yearly event recognizes employee milestones and those who have retired and is open to the entire campus community. This year's event was held on May 12, 2010, at 3 p.m. in the Student Center Blue Lounge.

Photos from the annual Employee Recognition event can be found here or visit and click on "Employee Recognition" under "Links of Interest."

OneCard Merchant Program
Did you know you can you use funds on your OneCard at various locations off-campus? The OneCard is currently accepted at Jumpin' Juice and Java (335 Chandler St.), D'Angelos (318 Park Ave.), Dennys (494 Lincoln St.), Papa Ginos (645 Chandler St.) and Uncle Sam's Pizza (19-23 Kelley Sq). Click here to visit the OneCard Merchant Program website.

Summer Camps
Athletics will once again host their annual All-Sports Camp and Girls Basketball Camp during the week of July 19-23. For more information on both camps, visit the Athletics website at

Summer 2010 Author Institute
The Author Institute is held each year at the end of June and features notable and award winning authors who present to graduate students and teachers from across New England. It takes place over a one week period and features a different children's author each day. The presenters/authors work diligently to present not only their literature, but also a variety of genre's and literacy elements, ways to motivate and develop student interest in literature and authoring and formalizes teacher based activities and creativity for classroom use and interest in writing by both teachers and students.

The day consists of author presentations, background to the literature being presented, roundtable discussions and activities, personal insight into author process and life experience and author signing. Author and book interest and readability levels span from K through the middle grades/school. For more information, visit

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no longer be available after a certain period of time.**

'What's your calling?'

Today she asked graduates of Worcester State College to find their ... McGovern, who grew up in Worcester and graduated from Framingham State College and ...

Worcester State grads also urged to fight for better future

Col. Marian J. McGovern, herself a history-maker, asked graduates of Worcester State College yesterday to learn from history and fight for a better future.

College Town

Worcester State College will present alumnus Paul V. LaCava with the 2010 Community Service Award at commencement ceremonies today. ...

Business People

Calvin Hill has been named director of affirmative action and compliance for the Office of Diversity at Worcester State College. ...

Worcester State dedicating building to beloved educator

Friends family and colleagues of the late Helen G Shaughnessy will gather today at Worcester State College to dedicate the Helen G Shaughnessy ...

Texas transplant honored for teaching

Nawrot, who graduated with a bachelor of science degree in 1969 from Worcester State College in Massachusetts, said she came from a family where education ...

Craft Center in Brookfield is Closing

"Every nonprofit every year struggles financially. ... but creative solutions are cropping up all over the country, and the most innovative ones are the ones that seem to have the best chance," he said, mentioning as an example the Worcester Craft Center in Massachusetts, which had acute financial problems and then formed an alliance with Worcester State College.

It's an all-arts weekend in the Woo

In addition to celebrating spring, Mayfair also highlights the craft center's return from the financial brink on a bailout from Worcester State College. ...

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Wed., May 19

NCAA New England

Baseball vs. Eastern
CT State Univ.

Mansfield, CT
10:00 a.m.

All games played in Mansfield will be webcast on and feature livestats.


May 21-23

Reunion Weekend

Mon., May 24

Summer Session I

Mon., May 31

Memorial Day

No Classes
Offices Closed

Sat., June 5

Worcester Tree
Initiative: Tree Give
Away Event

Ghosh Lawn
10 a.m. - Noon

June 23-29

Author Institute
June 23-25, 28 & 29


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