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What Our Graduates Do

Graduates of the nonprofit management program work in a wide array of nonprofit areas, and the public sector. Some have gone on to Ph.D. programs, and a few have joined the private sector. Some of our graduates have started and are running successful nonprofit organizations. 


The diverse occupations and positions held by our graduates, reflect not only the nature of the nonprofit sector, and but the nonprofit program’s focus on the different areas of the  sector including health, education, human services, culture and the Arts.


Below is a sample of positions held by recent graduates of the program:

  • Ph.D. candidate in an education program
  • Ph.D. candidate in a public policy program
  • Associate Vice President in a community college
  • Director of Human Resources in an Early Childhood network of organizations
  • Executive Director of a vibrant start-up community music organization and theatre company
  • Associate Director of alumni relations in a four-year college
  • Assistant Director of Development in a four-year college
  • Director of Student Services in a four-year college
  • Director of Admissions in a community college
  • Data administrator in a charter school
  • Resources Coordinator in a human services organization
  • Executive in the department of development services, State of Connecticut
  • Relationship Manager in a Development Bank in Beijing, China

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