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“Worcester State is a public university with amazing programs and a private school feel.”

Kerri Coughlin

Double Major: Education/Spanish

WSU Scholarships:

DCU Reach Out for Books Scholarship
Keith R. Lapierre Scholarship
Mary and John Ballantine Scholarship
Eileen and William Mullin Scholarship

“I chose Worcester State for two main reasons – the strength of the academic programs and the generosity of the school’s donors,” says Kerri Coughlin ’14. With a double major in elementary education and Spanish, Kerri says, “Worcester State is a public university with amazing programs and a private school feel.”

A native of Medford, Mass., Kerri says, “The elementary education program is phenomenal. I have been inside local schools since the beginning of my freshman year, and I’m participating in an after-school program for struggling readers.”

She is also enthusiastic about her Spanish classes. “The state requires all elementary education students to have a second major,” Kerri explains. “My Spanish courses have been simply amazing and include professional translation courses. Professor Guillermina Elissondo has been an inspiration to me.”

President of the Resident Hall Programming Committee, a Presidential Student Ambassador, a member of the Student Senate, and a member of the Honors Program, Kerri receives the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship and an honors scholarship each year. She has also received the DCU Reach Out for Books Scholarship, the Keith R. Lapierre Scholarship, the Mary and JohnBallantine Scholarship, and the Eileen and William Mullin Scholarship.

Kerri says, “I’m so grateful to all the donors. Their generosity is amazing and inspirational.”

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