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Fieldwork II Manual 2013-2014

Sample Fieldwork 1 Evaluation Form - Geri

Sample Fieldwork 1 Evaluation Form - Peds

Sample Fieldwork 1 Evaluation Form - Phys Dis 

Sample Fieldwork 1 Evaluation Form - Psych

Level I Fieldwork

Level I Fieldwork is an on-site clinical or community experience. Students spend a required amount of time in a setting supervised by an OTR, COTA, or other professional working at the site. Student assignments may include observation and participation. The specific clinical sites are selected to provide experience in the practice area being taught concurrently in the methods course. The course instructor provides the student and supervising clinician or professional with specific written assignments in order to structure the learning experience.  Once assigned a placement site, the student is required to schedule the assigned hours with the fieldwork supervisor.  Transportation arrangements and costs are also the responsibility of the student.

Each facility will determine the type of clothing that is appropriate to the setting.  Nametags may be required.  Students should check with the contact person or supervisor prior to arrival.  In any setting, the following items are not appropriate: open toe shoes/sandals, tank tops/midriffs, facial piercing, acrylic or long nails, dangling jewelry or suggestive clothing (e.g. low cut tops, leather, short skirts, and low-riding pants).  A neat appearance, in terms of clothing and grooming, is required.    

Level II Fieldwork (refer to Fieldwork Manual for more specific information)

Students should refer to the Level II Fieldwork Manual for more detailed information regarding Level II Fieldwork.  The following information is provided in order for students to begin financial preparation for the experience.  Students are eligible to graduate with a Master of Occupational Therapy after the successful completion of all occupational therapy courses and two Level II Fieldwork experiences. 

Each Level II Fieldwork experience is three (3) graduate credits.  One experience (OT 920) will be in a physical disabilities setting and the other (OT 921) will be in a psychosocial setting.  An optional third fieldwork experience (OT 932) can be arranged if the student wants further exposure to a specialty area (e.g. pediatrics, hands, etc.) or an international experience.  Students interested in the latter are strongly encouraged to discuss the feasibility of this situation with the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator.  Many logistics, such as visas and a site approved by WFOT, need to be explored.  Also, a third fieldwork will delay graduation. 

 In order to be eligible to sit for NBCOT Examination, which is required in order to practice in the profession, a student must complete six months of full time (or equivalent part-time) Level II Fieldwork.  Students are not paid for their time in the clinic. It is strongly advised that students not hold other work positions while completing fieldwork.  Therefore, as indicated above, it is the student's responsibility to begin to make financial plans very early in the program in order to prepare for the six months of fieldwork.  Arrangements for appropriate housing and transportation during the Level II Fieldworks are the sole responsibility of the student.


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