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Here are some terms and acronyms that you may encounter in this website or when you call our office for information: 


Refers to part-time/temporary, non-benefited employees who originally were paid on the "03" line of the budget (now the CC line)


Tax Sheltered Annuity; see TSA below

Additional Life Insurance

Another term for Optional Life Insurance

Adjunct Faculty

Part-time faculty members who teach on an as-needed basis


American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, the union representing the classified staff


Association of Professional Administrators, the union representing administrators


Board of Higher Education

Calendar Year

January 1 through December 31

CBA Collective Bargaining Agreement


Catastrophic Illness Coverage; extended health insurance coverage for the Commonwealth Indemnity Plan; see Insurance Benefits


Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act; allows employee to continue health insurance coverage after termination of employment; employee pays the whole premium


The computer software program used on campus to produce the local payrolls


Commonwealth of Massachusetts Employees' Charitable Campaign; the annual fund-raising campaign for the United Way and other charitable organizations


Dependent Care Assistance Program; see Benefits & Deductions


Division of Graduate and Continuing Education


Employee Assistance Program; see Benefits & Deductions


The six-digit employee ID number found at the top of your pay advice that identifies you in HRCMS

Fiscal Year

July 1 through June 30


Group Insurance Commission; the administrator of all group health and life insurance as well as the DCAP and HCSA programs

Indemnity Plan

Any insurance plan (health or dental) that provides comprehensive coverage without restrictions such as provider listings


Health Care Spending Account; see Benefits & Deductions


Health Maintenance Organization; a health plan that covers a specific geographic region and requires you to use providers that participate in the plan


Human Resources/Compensation Management System; the Commonwealth's computer software program that processes all payroll payments and maintains employee records


Long-Term Care; refers to insurance that covers costs such as nursing home and in-home health care


Long-term Disability; refers to insurance that provides a portion of your income should you become disabled for a long period of time (e.g. 90 days or more)


Massachusetts Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate; indicates number of allowances (exemptions) for state tax purposes


Medicare Tax; this is a portion of the FICA (Social Security) tax that is deducted from all employees who began employment after April 1, 1986; it appears on your pay advice as "MED/EE"; it is not health insurance


Massachusetts' Educational Financing Authority


Massachusetts State College Association; the chapter of the MTA/NEA union representing the faculty and librarians


Massachusetts Teachers Association/National Education Association


Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act; requires the Commonwealth to provide an alternate retirement plan for any employee not eligible for SERS or ORP; see Benefits & Deductions

Optional Life Insurance

Term life insurance available to employees above and beyond the basic $5000 life insurance included with every health plan; see Benefits & Deductions


Optional Retirement Plan; available to faculty, presidents, vice presidents and deans with less than 10 years of state service; see Retirement


Program of Continuing Education

PPA Prior Period Adjustment; refers to a correction to time and attendance made in a previous pay period.
PPE Pay Period Ending; refers to the last date of a two-week pay period


Preferred Provider Organization; a health plan that covers a larger area than an HMO, but still maintains a list of providers that participate in the plan


State Employee Retirement System; the Commonwealth's retirement plan in lieu of Social Security; all benefited state employees (with the exception of faculty, presidents, vice presidents and deans) must join SERS

SSTA Self-Service Time & Attendance used by adminstrators to report their time in lieu of paper timesheets.

Term Insurance

A type of life insurance that provides a benefit to your beneficiary upon your death; it is not an investment policy and has no cash value


Time Reporting Code used to enter time electronically using SSTA.


Tax-Sheltered Annuity; a program governed by the Internal Revenue Code that allows employees of educational institutions to invest in annuities and mutual funds with monies deducted prior to federal and state taxes; see Benefits & Deductions


A payroll deduction program designed to allow employees to set aside money for a relative's future college expenses; see Benefits & Deductions


Eligible for retirement benefits


Annual Wage and Tax Statement issued by your employer for tax-filing purposes


Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate; indicates number of allowances (exemptions) and marital status for federal tax deductions


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