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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit saves the Commonwealth money and allows you safe access to your funds. The Office of the State Comptroller requests that all employees have their pay deposited directly into their bank account(s).

You may have your pay deposited into as many as ten different accounts. However, you must indicate on the authorization form the priority of each account in the event there is not enough money in a specific pay period to cover all of your deposits. For example, you may have a deposit made to a credit union to pay a car loan, a deposit made to a vacation club account, a deposit made to your checking account, and the remainder of your pay deposited into your savings account. If you want to make sure your car payment is made, you would give that account a priority of "1."

Then, to make sure you have enough money in your checking account to cover your bills, you would make that account "2." Your vacation club would be "3." Finally, your savings account would be "4" and designated as your "excess" account.

You may have only one "excess" account. In the event there is a problem in processing your other accounts, your pay will be deposited into your "excess" account.

To enroll in direct deposit, please complete a Payroll Authorization for Direct Deposit form, available in the Payroll Office. It is imperative that you provide the Transit Routing (or ABA) number of the financial institution, your account number, and whether or not the account is a savings or checking account for EACH account.

Direct Deposit is only available to employees paid through the state's HR/CMS payroll system.


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