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Faculty members earn 10 sick leave days per academic year at a rate of 0.051230 hours for each hour on the payroll for the months September through May.

It is important to note that sick leave cannot be used
before it is credited.

Faculty members may join the Sick Leave Bank by donating one (1) sick day during the month of October. Notices regarding this benefit are distributed each year by the Payroll & Benefits Office.

There is no limit on the number of sick hours an employee can accumulate. Upon retirement, you are entitled to payment for 20% of your accumulated sick leave.


Every faculty member on the payroll on January 1 is credited with one (1) personal leave day (7.5 hours) for the Spring Semester. In addition, any faculty member on the payroll on September 1 is credited with one (1) personal leave day (7.5 hours) for the Fall Semester for a total of two (2) personal days per year.

These personal leave hours are credited and available on the first day of each semester although it may take more than one pay-cycle before they appear on your pay advice.

Personal days do not accumulate. Any personal days not used before December 31 each year are forfeited.

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