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State employees are considered benefited employees if they are in a position covered by one of the unions or a position affiliated with one of the unions (i.e. a non-unit professional or non-unit classified position).

Depending on the provisions of their collective bargaining agreements as well as the Massachusetts General Laws, benefited employees may be entitled to the following insurance coverage:

·         Basic Life Insurance

·         Optional Life Insurance

·         Health Insurance

·         Long-Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

·         Dental Insurance

·         Vision Care

·         Long-Term Care Insurance

·         Aflac Insurance (supplemental income insurance)

Forms for all of the above insurance coverages are available in the Payroll & Benefits Office.

Additional information on basic life, health, optional life and LTD insurance can be found at the Group Insurance Commission's website. Just click on the link below.

Group Insurance Commission (GIC)

Click on this link to read the current edition of the GIC's  For Your Benefit newsletter.

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