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There are a number of health plans available to state employees and their families. For a listing of the plans and the monthly premiums, see below. The employee contribution percentage is determined as follows:

·         Employees with a hire date on or before June 30, 2003, pay 20% of the premium.

·         Employees with a hire date after June 30, 2003,
pay 25% of the premium.

The Group Insurance Commission (GIC) pays the remainder. The premium is deducted from your paycheck, or you may be billed directly if you are on an approved leave without pay. Employees may elect to enroll in Basic Life Insurance only or Basic Life and Health Insurance.

Coverage for new employees begins on the first day of the month following sixty (60) calendar days from the date of employment, or two (2) calendar months, whichever comes first. See below to find your effective date.

In cases of medical emergencies which occur before the effective date, an employee may apply for retroactive health insurance. Since this option requires new employees to pay the full cost premiums back to the original start date, it is only available to those who have incurred large medical expenses between their date of hire and the effective date of coverage. Please contact the Payroll & Benefits Office for complete information on this option.

All new employees may enroll in basic life and health insurance at their time of hire without any medical forms. However, if any new employee chooses not to enroll, s/he may apply for insurance only during the Annual Enrollment period (April thru May) for coverage effective July 1.

Current employees who wish to change their health plans or enroll in basic life and health for the first time, may do so only during the Annual Enrollment period (April and May) for coverage effective July 1.

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