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Basic Life Insurance

Included with every health plan is a $5000 Basic Life Insurance policy. Employees who choose not to carry health insurance may still elect to enroll in just life insurance.

New employees are eligible to enroll at the time of hire with an effective date on the first of the month following 60 days of employment. See the table of effective dates.

Employees who are not currently enrolled in Basic Life Insurance may do so only during Annual Enrollment (April-May) with an effective date of July 1.

See the table of rates for premium information.

Optional Life Insurance

In addition to the Basic Life Insurance, employees may choose to enroll in Optional (Additional) Life Insurance. This term insurance covers the employee and pays the designated beneficiary(ies) in the event of the employee's death or certain other catastrophic events. It is not an investment policy and has no cash value. The state does not contribute to the cost of this coverage.

Employees may elect coverage up to eight (8) times their annual salary rounded down and minus $1000. For example, if your annual salary is $41,600, and you choose a multiplication factor of 4, then your coverage would be $165,000 calculated as follows:

$41,6000 x 4 = $166,400
rounded down to $166,000
less $1000 = $165,000

Rates for this additional coverage are based on age and the amount of coverage selected. See the table of rates.

Smoker vs. Non-Smoker Rates -- At initial enrollment or during annual enrollment, anyone who has been tobacco-free for at least the past 12 months is eligible for reduced optional life insurance rates. Changes made during annual enrollment will become effective July 1.

New employees may apply for Optional Life Insurance at the time of hire without a medical form. The effective date is the same as that for Basic Life. See the table of effective dates.

Employees who are not currently enrolled in Optional Life Insurance or who want to increase their coverage may apply at any time by completing a GIC Form 1. Enrollment is subject to approval by the carrier. Contact the Payroll & Benefits Office for further information and the necessary form.  


Coverage Enhancement due to
Qualifying Family Status Change

Active employees with Basic Life who have a qualifying family status change are eligible to either enroll in or increase their current Optional Life Insurance up to 4x their salary without medical evidence of insurability. The effective date of this new coverage will be determined by the GIC.

The employee must apply within 31 days of the qualifying event by completing a GIC Form 1 and submitting proof of the event. Any forms received after 31 days or without the required documentation will be denied by the GIC.

The Four Qualifying Events
and Required Documentation

Qualifying Event

Required Documentation

Marriage of employee

Copy of the marriage certificate

Birth/adoption of a child

Copy of the birth certificate or placement letter

Divorce of employee

Copy of the following sections of the divorce decree: section on health insurance, page with the absolute date, signature page

Death of spouse

Copy of the death certificate


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