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NOTE: Long-term care insurance, underwritten by John Hancock Life Insurance Company, is only available to active and retired members of the Non-Unit Employee Health & Welfare Fund.

John Hancock offers three long-term care insurance policies on a discounted premium arrangement and eligibility includes members' spouses, domestic partners, parents and parents-in-law.

Applications for these policies can be submitted anytime during the year.

What is long-term care (LTC) insurance?

LTC insurance provides you and your loved ones with funding for extended health care if you are ever unable to care for yourselves. It helps you protect the savings you've accumulated and let's you avoid "spending down" your assets to qualify for Medicaid coverage.

What does LTC cover?

LTC insurance policies help pay for nursing home care and health services, covering all levels of care including skilled, intermediate, and custodial care in a nursing home, assisted care living facility, adult day care center, or at home.

What is the premium discount?

You, or a family member, are eligible for a 10% discount. If you're married, the total premium discount is 20%.

What are the premiums based on?

Premiums are based on issue age. The younger you are when you enroll, the lower your premium will be.

If you have Questions or want to enroll:

Contact William R. Clifford at John Hancock at 617-314-4398.

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