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Self-Service Time & Attendance (SSTA)

Self-Service Time & Attendance (SSTA) allows the employee to enter his/her own attendance record directly into HRCMS via the Internet 24/7. While it is recommended that time be entered on a daily basis, it is usually more practical to enter time once a week prior to noon on Thursday so that Time Approvers may approve the entered time for the employees in their area by the end of the day on Thursday.

In addition to real-time attendance records, leave balances are also updated as time is entered, so the employee and supervisor always knows how much leave is available for that pay period.

It is important to note that clicking the submit button on the electronic timesheet is the equivalent to an employee's signature and creates a permanent, official record of the Commonwealth subject to public record laws. When an approver submits his/her approval, this is also part of that official record.

Please refer to the links below for further information on SSTA training and usage:

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